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Delie Fajas Diseños de Prada 09216

Delie Fajas Diseños de Prada 09216


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Body garment with sleeveless bra and side zipper.
This girdle exerts high compression on abdomen and back that maintains an
adequate posture to prevent lumbar pain.
It’s the key to success during the post operatory recovery.
Compression garments are essential for postoperative treatments.
This garment is designed to provide optimum levels of compression
and to maintain surgical results by holding the skin and tissues in their
correct position.

It has many  benefits such as:

1. Helps to eliminate bodily fluids, caused by the inflammation.
2. Prevents edema formation
3. Contributes to proper skin adhesion.
4. Prevents wound contamination.
5. Reduces bruising.
6. Reduces pain and improves the scarring of the skin.
7. Improves comfort during the healing process.
8. Corrects the posture.
9. Butt lifter.

Our fabrics are design with a technology called VivelTex, which provides nutrition,
hydration and toning to the skin.
It has a combination of botanical and marine components whose properties
contribute to the reduction of inflammation and the elimination of postsurgical
You will recognize VivelTex by its characteristic smell which can
last up to its 20th wash.
Cosmacol EMI: Has highly moisturizing properties, helping to repair skin damage.
Ginkgo Bilboa: Recognized for its ability to produce and regenerate the collagen of
the skin, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and carries an antioxidant effect.
Vitamin E: Contributes to the skin in its natural regenerative process, in both scarring
and the reduction of inflammation.
Seaweed: Improves lymphatic and blood circulation, contributes to fat removal and
the reduction of body sizes.
Likewise, it’s a postpartum garment. During pregnancy, the muscular structures of
the abdominal area move so that the baby has space inside the body as it grows.

When using a postpartum girdle you will find the following benefits:

1. It allows the skin to easily contract and adhere to the muscle.
2. Corrects posture and provides back support as stabilizer.
3. It reduces the discomfort and the feeling of emptiness in the abdomen.
4. Helps to enhance gluteus.
5. Helps internal organs to return to its original position.
6. Eases the mother’s movements in daily activities.