Fajas Diseños de Prada

Delie Fajas Diseños de Prada 09046

Delie Fajas Diseños de Prada 09046


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Its cachetero style design provides freshness,
its silicone lace finish will prevent it from moving,
much less curling up.
The side closure has an internal covering and snaps that will make
your posture easier.
Excellent for daily, postoperative or postpartum use,
it has double abdominal reinforcement.


Colour Cocoa
Molding area Abdominal,
Legs, Buttocks Recommended uses Daily-use,
Postpartum Control level high Adjustment mechanisms Closing
Material powernet, spandex Style Knapsack Benefits

• Free bust and armhole back that gives better coverage.

• Side zipper that facilitates posture.

• Cachetera with lace and silicone elastic so that it does not roll up.

• Internal lining throughout the garment with Viveltex components.
 Garment care

• Washing: preferably BY HAND. Avoid using a tumble dryer.

• Avoid using ACCESSORIES that could damage the garment when
putting it on (rings, bracelets and long nails)

• Wash separately

• Dry in the shade

• Do not use bleach