Faja Salome 313-CCB

Fajas Salome

Faja Salome 313-CCB

Faja Salome 313-CCB


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It’s all about you and we know it. Because of this Fajas Salome with wire support and high compression it gives you the edge that you were looking for. This shapewear comes with High compression Powernet for maximum results in the outside and with cotton in the inside for better comfort.

As an exceptional feature this fajas salome vest waist trainer is specially designed for daily use. 

Another great feature that this fajas salome 313 has is the high back look to give you better comfort, support not only in abdominal area but also in your back.  Lady's Vest Waist Trainer with Zipper

  • High Compression Line
  • Hooks and zipper
  • Flexible and comfortable wires