Faja Salome 0217 Strapless Body Shaper Women

Fajas Salome

Faja Salome 0217 Strapless Body Shaper Women

Faja Salome 0217 Strapless Body Shaper Women


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This Faja Salome High back body shaper butt lifter short would be the only thing that you'll ever need. Designed for women like you and offering comfort not only in your waist line but also in you high back. or maximum results in the outside and with cotton in the inside for better comfort. - Linea Fuerte Original. It ranges form Sizes xs to 3xl and It comes in two colors: Beige and Black. It is intended for every day use. 

As an exceptional feature this fajas salome shapewear comes with an inner line of hooks and an unnoticeable zipper in the outside for maximum support. This garment is specially designed for daily use. 

Another great feature that this fajas salome 0215 has is that it is strapless with removable straps to give you better comfort and support not only in abdominal area but also in all your back. This faja salome is a complete option because it has butt lifter providing natural buttock enhancement.

  •  High compression Line
  • Strapless