Delie by fajas Diseños de Prada

Delie Fajas Diseños de Prada 09034

Delie Fajas Diseños de Prada 09034


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  • LOOK AND FEEL GORGEOUS: The most comfortable Sleeves with bra attachment available. Obtain the silhouette you've always wanted.
  • WEAR IT EVERYDAY: Can be used either as daily use or after giving birth. Can be worn under your favorite clothes.
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRICS: The Lycra lining on the inside provides a fresh and soft feeling on the skin. The powernet on the outside layer provides the exact level of compression that you need without any discomfort.
  • UNNOTICEABLE DESIGN: Has a perfect design that looks great under your favorite outfits. Comes with flat seams not visible under clothing
  • Contains silicone lacing that sticks to the skin
  • Designed to allow maximum adjustment
  • Individual gloves 
  • Straps to attach to the bra to help the gloves stay in place

    It is the moment for you to start having control over your arms, which is why we have Delie Fajas Diseños de Prada 09034 Sleeves with bra attachment.

    - This post surgery Sleeves with bra attachment will keep you comfortable and at the same time will make you look good since it is barely noticeable under your clothing.
    - The design of this Sleeves with bra attachment is perfect for you to wear it with the rest of your clothing feeling it as a second skin.
    The post surgery Sleeves with bra attachment can be used after a breast enhancement or reducion to help during the recovery process.
     - This Sleeves with bra attachment has been manufactured with the best materials including powernet so you can feel smooth when wearing it, as a second skin. The powernet used in this post surgery Sleeves with bra attachment provides you with the right compression for your body to be at ease at all times.
    To avoid wasting your time in exchanges and returns, please use this fitting guide to select your size.